11+ Best GarageBand Plugins (Free & Paid Music Plugins)

Here are the top working best GarageBand Plugins for Android, iPhone, and Ipad to create vocals, and guitar music. Apple-produced GarageBand is a line of digital audio workstations developed for macOS, iPad OS, and iOS devices. It’s one of the best free Digital audio workstations (DAWs) if you’re using a MacBook and it has yet again proved to be an amazing choice for music producers who are at the beginning of their careers. It helps its users in the production of music and podcasts.


It can be overwhelming to find quality plug-ins in this sea of sub-par ones since there is an almost endless amount to choose from. That’s why we have assembled the best free and paid plug-ins that can be used with digital audio workstations in this in-depth review of the best available plugins for Garageband.

In this article, we are going to look at the best free and paid plugins for Garageband.

So, let’s go through them, starting with the best free ones available…

Free Garageband Plugins

  1. Guitar Plug-Ins

– Tonebridge IOS, iPadOS and MAC

Tonebridge comes from one of the most busiest and well-known sites and now has its own app too. This plug-in is an amp-sim and can be used on any Apple device. It allows the users to pick any song or band that the user likes, and instantly gives you their most famous tones to choose from. This plug-in can be linked up with Garageband when the user plugs your guitar into your device.


  • Supercharge guitar recordings
  • Gives exact guitar tones
  • Warm, rich, and realistic tones
  • Amp up the music game
  1. Crystal Synth:

Crystal synth is semi-modular. It has been designed to feature not only subtractive synthesis but also frequency modulation. It gives its user the option to control 90 different parameters.

This semi-modulator synth not only comes with MIDI support but as well as MIDI learn, sequencing, and granular synthesis. It has proved to be an incredible option for synth lovers.


  • Abundant modulation control
  • Editors for graphics
  • Extensive tempo sync of envelopes
  • Built-in effects for chorus
  • Band splitter
  1. Synth1 by Daichi Laboratory:

Synth 1 is an amazing synthesizer. It is famous for having a modern, speedy, and amazing workflow.

This plugin delivers what it promises the only con is that the interface isn’t something that users will find easy to operate and it also takes a while to get used to it. Synth 1 is a free plugin and its potential can be calculated from the fact that it pitched against gigantic names like Nord lead and Virus

This amazing synthesizer plugin gives the best results in terms of sound and performance.

It has up to 128 presets, High-quality filters, arpeggiators, oscillators, and modulators. A huge library can also be found on the internet.

Hence it indeed is One of the best freeware synth plugins available in the market right now. Grab this little monster!


  • 2 oscillators
  • FM modulation
  • Ring modulation
  • Sync
  • Modulation envelope
  • 4 types of filters
  1. Vocal Doubler by iZotope:

This plugin by iZotope, Vocal Doubler is an amazing addition to one’s GarageBand selection.

It not only enhances and creates a certain aura to the user’s vocals but also utilizes the natural doubling effect to the vocals and this effect brings out an element of richness and character that can brighten up any dullness or flatness issues.

It is easy to use, has an amazing workflow, and most importantly it’s free.


  • Enhanced vocals
  • Natural doubling effects
  • Add richness and depth
  • Acclaimed doubling technology
  1. Komplete Start:

Komplete start by Native Instruments is one of the best free GarageBand plugins. This plug-in will allow you to take your music recordings to another level!

Although it’s a free version of Komplete, it still gives the user an option to choose from synths, acoustic instruments, and pads.

Komplete Start gives youtube compression, several cool guitar amps, and some other solid choices which are all amazing effects. All of this for free is such a great deal.


  • Free production suite
  • Synthesizers
  • Sampled instruments
  • Pro-grade effects
  • Loops and samples
  • 18 instruments and effects included

  1. Waves Tune

This paid plugin has graph-style editing, allowing the users to tune their vocals easily and surgically. Waves Tune allows you to get fine control that has the very same effect as that of high-end plugins. It can also preserve the minute disturbances of the human voice by allowing the user to dial in the amount of natural vibrato!

Waves Tune is the winner if the value is what you are looking for. It’s better than any free option and is strong enough to create the most professional music there is.


  • Ultimate pitch correction tool
  • Perfectly tuned natural sounding vocals
  • Hard tuned sound
  • Low latency auto tune
  • 3 timelines models including bar/beats and time samples
  1. FabFilter’s Mastering Suite

It can be purchased from a plugin boutique for the best price. These plugins have the most extraordinarily high quality.

These are the best tools for mastering. The mastering suite includes four plugins in addition to EQ, Compressor, Limiter, and Multiband Compressor, but each one can be bought separately on its own too giving users flexibility.


  • Transparent sound
  • Maximum loudness
  • Limiting algorithms
  • True peak limiting
  • Liner phase oversampling
  1. Komplete 13 (from Native Instruments)

Komplete 13 is the pro and maxed-out version of Komplete Start. Users can get the most amazing instruments, samples, libraries, synthesizers, and effects. Komplete 13 is the bible of plugin bundles that users use with Garageband.

  • Komplete 13 plugin bundle includes:
  • Kontakt 6 (Full Version)
  • Komplete Kontrol (Full Version)
  • Reaktor 6 (Full Version)

With this paid version of Kontakt 6, third-party plugins and tools can be accessed by users.


  • 14 synthesizers
  • 30 sampled instruments
  • 16 effects
  • 24 expansions
  • 5 drums and percussion instruments
  1. FabFilter’s Pro-L 2 Limiter (Free Trial Available)

The FabFilter Pro-L 2 Limiter can be brought from Plugin Boutique. It allows the users to measure the loudness of their song right in the plugin. This way users can be sure of their music. Musicians who are at the beginning of their music careers will feel the amazing effects in their recordings just after one use.


  • Improved limiting algorithms
  • New true peak limiting
  • improved – Unique real-time level display with peak gain reduction labels and new innovative display modes
  1. Melda Production’s Complete Suite (Free Trial Available)

It includes 114 effects, processors, and instruments. One won’t ever need to buy a single plug-in ever again after purchasing the complete bundle for Melda Production complete suite, other than Komplete 13, the Fab Filter Mastering Bundle, and Blue Cat Audio’s Axe Pack.

One example of the type of amazing plugin that the users can get with this is the MAutoPitch. Its simple, easy to use, speedy, and they look nice like other melda plugins. Moreover, users can always try it on an annual or monthly subscription basis and can also access the free demo from their site.


  • Match the loudness to side chain
  • Advanced spectrum analyzer and sonogram
  • Automatic pitch correction plugin
  • Adjustable shape oscillator technology
  1. Xpand! 2 (Free Trial Available)

Xpand! 2 made by AIR Music and their plugin is now compatible with Big Sur, is an inexpensive batch of sounds that are great quality. If u want to create professional music and want to have a library full of options to choose from but don’t want to spend a lot of money at the same time then this is the option for

One of the best things about it is that it’s superfast and cheap. Grab your hands on this amazing monster to get the high professional music that u always desired!

Although its interface is a bit unpleasant, we would still recommend it because of the many pros it has such as being, cheap, speedy and easy to use.


  • Incredible sonic firepower
  • Additional gigabytes of sounds
  • A multitimbral workstation
  • Polyphonic or monophonic voice mode
  • Six smart knobs!

Why Use Plugins With Garageband?

There is no such thing as too much when you need to produce incredible music with amazing effects although GarageBand is filled with several types of amazing effects including synths, effects, guitar amps, etc. Here comes the use for those amazing and incredible software programs bits called Plug-ins that can be installed not only to be used as add-ons but also can be used to employ in supporting specific addition functions. GarageBand similar to other digital audio workstations allows the installation of plug-ins for better production of music, and podcasts and also to make the overall experience of music production better.

Even the best vocal performances most often need a slight addition of functions here and there to help things become overall incredible. Although Garageband has a free auto-tune tool that comes with the program, the problem with that is it’s not the most reliable or flexible option.

Plugins are one of the best things that a person can use with Garageband because they are actually a modern extension of gear, but with amazing result-producing abilities. Audio Units plug-ins can be used in your GarageBand projects to add new sounds and also amazing effects.

Some Audio Units come already preinstalled on the mac book but many more are available from other sources such as third parties. Audio Units plug-ins can either be found for free with basic features through a search on the Internet or can also be brought from a variety of third-party vendors.

Two types of Audio Units plug-ins widely used by music producers for their projects are mentioned below:

  • Effect plug-ins: Effect audio plugins include common audio effects such as reverb, compressors, delays, and other amazing effects. Audio Units effect plug-ins can be used not only on individual tracks but also on the master tracks.
  • Instrument plug-ins: Instrument audio plugins include pianos, organs, synthesizers, and other keyboards, in addition to other plugins but audio Units instrument plug-ins can only be used on software instrument tracks.

Audio Units plug-ins can be added to a track and also to the master track in the Plug-ins area.  Audio Units plug-ins can be turned on or off, changed, their settings can be edited, and they can be removed in the same way as plug-ins included with GarageBand. You can get full guide to download garageband.

But before u can use Audio Units in the GarageBand projects, one needs to make sure that the Enable Audio Units checkbox is selected in GarageBand > Preferences > Audio/MIDI.

Have you ever thought about getting additional benefits from Garageband by using additional plugins? Did u ever face any difficulty while looking for the best free or paid versions of plugins for Garageband? In case you already have plugins for Garageband, which ones did u use and why?

Share your feedback and comments with us!

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