Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows 11 and 10

Apple GarageBand is an amazing free software that can help users make, produce, record, and edit their music. It’s available on iPhones, iPads, and other apple devices.

Why Is There a Need for a Window Alternative?

Garageband although being an amazing digital audio workstation comes with a major con and that is that it can only be used on ios software. That creates a big problem for people who don’t use mac books or apple devices and instead prefer PC and android software.

Although there is one way of using Garageband on PC Windows and that is by using an ios simulator on your Windows computer but that just makes the whole process more complicated instead of making it easier.

This rises the quest of finding the best digital audio workstation that music producers can use on their PC Windows for creating professional music since not all people have apple devices or find it easy to use ios software.

This brings the question of using alternatives for Windows PC that are at par with Garageband. So let’s start with proper Garageband alternatives for PC users.

Top Garageband Alternatives for Windows


All you have to do to get started with Bandlab is to create an account, it’s free and once you have an account you can easily start making music. You either need Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to use GarageBand in a browser but that said you can download it on a mobile device if you prefer to make music that way.

Creating a track in Bandlab is very similar to that of Garageband.

PRICE: It’s completely free to use.


  • Midi mapping feature
  • Recording a live session
  • Editing region
  • Provides downloading in high quality
  • Provides an indefinite number of collaborations
  • NO privacy issues regarding storage
  • An indefinite number of projects

FL Studio is one of the best free amazing alternatives for Garageband in PC users. When you first open FL studio it might look a bit confusing but don’t worry we got you.

On the top, there are master volume and master pitch it’s best to leave these as they are in the default settings.

FL Studio is the most used digital audio workstation on the planet and is the favorite of many big EDM producers like Martin Garrick etc. Some producers don’t take fl studio very seriously because it has a somewhat unconventional workflow.

It has some amazing pros like the integrated step sequencer to help make drums quickly and the easy-to-use sound goodizer to make your synthesizer sound instantly better with compression and saturation.

The only con is the homo tutorials you need to watch to get started.

The best thing is you don’t need to buy the full version to get what you need. You can easily create professional music with a much cheaper version.

PRICE – FL studio comes in various features

  • Basic level meoldy and loop maker – 99 usd
  • Complete production of music and recording – 199 usd
  • Complete music production along with additional plugins-299 usd
  • Pro access – 737 usd


  • Complete editing of the audio including beating, slicing, and chopping
  • Midi support and scripting
  • Consolidation of track
  • Also supported by mac devices

N track studio is one of the best alternatives for Garageband for people who prefer to use windows on their computers. It helps turn your PC into a studio and helps you to produce masterpieces of music. The best thing about it is that you can also download it on your mobile device.

PRICE– Its completely free for Windows!


  • Works as a full fledge DAW
  • Free sound libraries
  • Videos and songs can be played in sync
  • Can also support third-party plugins

Magix music maker is a toy can that you make some amazing and awesome beats with. It’s a full functional digital audio workstation that you can use to make some pretty professional beats. It has recording capabilities and also some pretty amazing editing capabilities plus vst capabilities. It’s a loop-based music production software.

PRICE– It is now available for free.


  • Sound can be imported in the form of audio files
  • Mixing and synthesizing features
  • Editor for midi
  • Additional plugins will work
  • Variety of loops and samples to choose from

It is a full fledge digital audio workstation that supports multiple audio and Midi tracks, it supports VST plugins though only the 32-bit versions. It is free. You can easily download and start using it.

The best and the most amazing part of this digital audio workstation is that it’s a collaborative digital audio workstation which means you can record songs with other people who use ohm studio. Hence it’s amazing you cannot only do offline recording but other people can record tracks along with you too.

PRICE– It comes with a free version but the full version costs about 99.99 USD


  • A vast library of sounds
  • Ohm based filter
  • Works with windows
  • Audio and Midi DAW

Cakewalk is a digital audio workstation and is released by a company called bandlab which is actually a great online digital audio workstation in its own. Cakewalk is one of the best free daws to get started with on Windows.

It comes with four free virtual instruments built-in effects and a highly customizable interface. It supports unlimited tracks and vsts which means you can install all of your favorite free plugins.

The only obvious limitation is that it’s inclusive to Windows. So if you are on Windows and you are looking for one of the best digital audio workstations (DAW) that is free also then this is it.


  • A periodic version of 49 USD
  • A monthly version of 99 USD


  • Social media sharing
  • Midi and audio features
  • Adjustment of plugin parameters
  • Automation clip gain
  • Audio editing
  1. Traction waveform

The traction waveform is the free counterpart to the traction waveform. It obviously has some limitations since it’s a free counterpart digital audio workstation but not like the lite versions of Pro DAWs.

Waveform. Unlimited includes unlimited tracks,  autosave, and plugin sandboxing.

The plugin sandboxing is especially awesome.


  • Free Waveform
  • Pro Waveform –
  • Basic version – 119 usd
  • Standard version – 259 usd
  • Extreme edition – 499 usd


  • Side panel for dedicated actions
  • Mixer with master panel strip
  • Chord comparison
  • Midi monitor
  • Midi filter
  • Affordable

With this, our list comes to an end. Did you ever struggle with finding an alternative for Garageband for your PC?  If yes,  which alternative did you find the best? Which alternative worked best for you and which digital audio workstation made your life even harder? Feel free to share your reviews and suggestions in the comments section.

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