How to Open Keyboard in Garageband? (2 Steps)

– A complete guide to know about using keyboards in Garageband

Apples Garageband is an amazing free digital studio software that can help users make, produce, record, and edit their music. It’s available on iPhones, ipads and other apple devices.

Opening keyboard on Mac:

how to open keyboard in garageband on ios


  • Open Garageband
  • Select window
  • Press command-K (Show Musical typing option)


  • Select instrument track to play
  • Use keyboard keys to play an instrument.
  • Use following keys

Move up or down by octaves = Press X or Z

Rise or Lower the velocity = Press V or C

Change mod wheel value = Press 4-8, Or Press 3 (turn off mod)

Bend pitch down / Up : Press 1 or 2

Sustain ON or Off: Tab Button.

Showing keyboard on iPhone:

  • Tap “Region”.
  • Tap Keyboard on left side
  • Tap the Center button for Glissando > Change this into “Scroll” Option. (Adjustments of keys done)

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How the Garageband Keyboard Looks Like?


  • Switch on your PC and launch Garageband application.
  • Open the creation of music.
  • Select Window.
  • You can either press on Show Keyboard or Show-Musical Typing.
  • Computer keyboard gets opened in that window.

How to Use Keyboards in Garageband?

  • To add a keyboard in the Garageband, you will have to go to the keyboard section, create a new song 
  • And hit the keyboard.
  • To change the keyboard, you can hit the red button in the middle. In case of an iPhone, you will need 
  • to hit the red button at the top left. A down arrow will open and you will select the instrument.
  • The most classic keyboards are pianos.
  • Let’s say if you grab the classical grand piano and take a dive in it.

How to Add Note Labels?

  • To add note labels, you have to change the settings outside of Garageband. It’s in a separate 

Garageband settings.

  • Go to the mac devices settings app. 
  • Tap Garageband. 
  • Scroll down and tap keyboard note labels. Turn them on and they will show up on Garageband. 
  • Now you know each and every key and what’s it called. 

How to Change Octaves?

  • You can’t change the octaves on iPhones unfortunately but you can surely change them on ipads 

and other mac devices. 

  • Tap the down button in the top left of the Garageband screen. 
  • You can either go all the way up or down depending on the keynotes that you want. 
  • This way its super handy to adjust the octaves. 

Sustain Button

  • This is an automatic sustain pedal. You can plug in a midi keyboard and yiu can directly plug into an iPhone or iPad. 
  • The keynotes are usually kind of staccato but if you want it to be more legato you can slide on 

the slider and can get some nice sustained sounds. 

Keyboard Layout

  • Next one on the line is key control so if you are on an iPad, or a mac computer it will be a lot easier. 
  • You can turn on a single keyboard, a double keyboard or what we like to call as chungus keys for 

people who have fat fingers. 

  • Now you got all that screen real estate area. 
  • If you have got tiny little skinny fingers then you can go to the skinny fingers option. 

Velocity Control

  • You can turn the velocity control on if you want to be manually able to control the velocity.
  • You can turn it up or down to lower or increase the velocity. 

The Arpegiattor

  • The arpeggiator is one of the coolest functions in the Garageband keys. 
  • You can turn on the arpeggiator intact you can go to the scale mode, dechungisify the minor 


  • You can turn on it by hitting Run. Now you can decide what note order you want to hear. You can also choose the note rate along with choosing the octave range. 

Save Custom Sounds

  • Let’s say you like a specific sound due to some reason and want to save it. 
  • You can easily do it by hitting the save button and let’s just call it digital plus beats edition. 
  • And there you go, your custom sound is saved and stored for future use. 

Glissando/Scroll/Pitch Mode

  • There’s a mode switch between glissando and scroll. 
  • Glissando means that when you scroll your fingers, it will result in an array of sounds. 
  • When you change it to scroll though you can move around the keyboard by changing or scrolling


This keyboard guide for using a keyboard on Garageband comes to an end. Did you ever find it? 

difficult to use keyboard on Garageband? If yes, how did you learn all the functions. Do you feel like we missed on something that you would like to add? Feel free to share your reviews, experiences and suggestions in the comments section below. 

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