VMware Workstation Player Review

In the older days, you would have physical servers you would have to go and build a domain controller, you would have to and build an email server file server. VMware is a virtualization provider software in the united states.

You would have to go to the shops and buy a physical server, set it up in some kind of a server room in a data center, install a windows server onto it and that was it. This way you would have been spending a lot of money and a lot more space in the server room. We see VMware everywhere and this is something that we get asked a lot about so we’ll being with the basics first:

What’s VMware?

So the VMware software allows you to virtualize physical servers into virtual servers. So now u can essentially build a virtual version of the hardware. VMware is a cloud computing company based in America. It’s a virtualization company. VMware headquarters are based in California. It’s a software company that allows for the virtualization of almost every function of computing into what they define as a software-defined data center.

VMware is a standalone company which means they sell their software so this is not free or open source, it’s available for sale and it is enterprise-grade.

It’s designed for enterprise-grade virtualization.

It is one of the first commercially successful companies to virtualize. VMware desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac ios.

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VM ware workstation is a virtual machine software that is used for computers to run multiple operating systems over a single physical computer. And each virtual machine can run a single operating system.

To better understand these let’s say we are a company with physical servers which is physical hardware, and you want to be more efficient with this physical hardware. This is when we start installing VMware software.

The first 3 pieces and these are the most important ones are the three layers that sit on top that virtualize our laas solutions.


Now the first piece virtualizes the compute piece. This used to be called ESXI and now its called vSphere. So vSphere is what virtualize the compute piece.


A software called vSAN is used to virtualize the storage piece.


The network piece Is virtualized by NSX.

Now we are going to divide this pool into virtual servers. And then we are going to be able to provision virtual servers. And these virtual servers are only pieces of some of the underlying physical machines. Inside this virtual server we got an operating system and then on top of it there is an application stack.

How Does Vmware Cluster Work for Containers/in a Non-virtual Environment?

In this case we are going to have our container kernel, the Linux kernel. And then on top of that kernel, we are going to have the millions of little containers that we are creating and destroying and so forth on.

How Does Vmware Control All This?

For this purpose we have vCentre. VCentre is the control software that controls all of these things. It has got a wonderful little Web portal, users can log into it and create and destroy as much as they want. This software-defined data center is the infrastructure-level component.

Vrealize Suite

VREALIZE is a bunch of different solutions that make running the cloud piece much simpler.

The two pieces that get talked about the most often are going to be vRA and vRO which stand for VREALIZE automation and VREALIZE operations.

The automation piece is about automatically standing up and standing down virtual servers, and containers and automatically doing load balancing. It is the automation engine

The operation piece is all of the other components that are not automated but are monitoring and operating.

So this is the software stack that we need in order to run the physical hardware and virtual hardware and in the end form the core of those enterprise workloads.


  • Data Centre virtualization and hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • VSphere6
  • vScan
  • VMware cloud on AW
  • Server Virtualization* – is the idea of taking a physical server and with the help of virtualization software partioning on the server or dividing it up so that it appears as virtual servers.
  • It has several advantages such as
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Reduce the number of servers.
  • Independent environment.
  • Improve desktop manageability.
  • Network virtualization and Security Learning
  • NSX delivers virtualize networking and security entirely in software enabling the virtual cloud network to connect and protect excess data centers and applications.
  • NSX-T
  • Virtualization and cloud management platform
  • vRealize Automation
  • vRealize Operation
  • Desktop Application Virtualization and mobility
  • Horizon 7

Have you ever had any difficulty understanding VMware? If yes how did you get to understand it? Please feel free to leave your suggestions and reviews in the comments section.

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