• The literal definition of a knob is a rounded ball or lump. However, in Garageband, we have knobs for sound customization!
  • Did you know that when you are using keyboard instruments like soft analog we actually have some extra knobs that we can play along with?
  • These knobs are different on every different instrument however if you are using an iPhone these knobs won’t be there by default, there will be a little knob button in the top right, all you need to do is to tap on that and the knobs will be displayed horizontally.
  • Each instrument of Garageband comes with its own set of customizable knobs.
knobs setting on garageband

How to Open Knobs and Their Filters?

  • To open filters on the knobs, tap on the middle button on all of the different instruments, and you ll see you are in the synth’s classics. You can use this for a whole bunch of other things.
  • Now go to the synth pads, go to the day Spa and now you will have a filter lfo which is the low-frequency oscillator, you will have a mix knob, you have got attack and release.
Knobs activation


  • Attack and release are going to be on most of them but the speed of your attack is when you hit a key, how quickly will it actually come in, and if we slow down the attack the audio will slowly end up.
  • The same is the case with the release. If you have got a really long release, you can tap it and it keeps going and going.

Mix and Filter Lfo Knob Features

You can change these knobs in Garageband as well. You can turn on these to get that extra wob and depending on your choice can decide how much of it you want.

Saving Knob Adjustments

Once you make these adjustments on your knobs, you have the little dot next to day spa which means if you really love a level of adjustment, you can hit the red dot, hit save and then down the bottom, enter day spa pette wob and that’s it. It puts this adjustment and customization in a separate folder and this way you can always customize instruments and make them your own.

Music With Regular Knobs

In case you are just into the regular ones, you simply select the synth bass option. Now this time you ll see that your selected track sounds according to your knob adjustments!

Music With More Knobs

You can also try this with a different instrument. Go to the home screen and add the plus button. Go across to your keyboards to add a new one, hit more sounds.

Now, this can be done in the alchemy synth too but the alchemy synth has a whole bunch of different options which essentially means that alchemy synth has an extended version of the knobs.

In case you want some knobs to twiggle you can turn on alchemy synth. You can adjust these knobs accordingly.

Instruments That Do Have Knobs

  • Now not everything is going to have knobs for example things that don’t make sense to have knobs, the classical grand because the grand piano don’t got no knobs. But things like the classic rock organ have more customized knobs things like the drawbar, and we also got more realistic distortion, chorus and percussion controls in here.
  • Hence different instruments in Garageband will have different types of knobs going on for example the electric piano has got treamo, chorus, decay and bell which are really cool to play around with.

Copyrights and Knobs

  • Knobs are really cool because the more you customize and make your own sounds, the less you have to worry about copyrights because if you are using default Garageband instruments, default Garageband loops, and default GarageBand beats, there’s a high chance that someone has used it too. So the more you come in here using garage bands knobs, tweak yoir loops, twiddle your knobs, the lesser of a problem copyrights is. 
  • This way you are less likely to run into trouble because you can make your music more uniquely.

With this, our article comes to an end. Have you ever tried using the different knobs of Garageband with instruments? If yes, how was the experience? Do you feel like we missed something? Let us know your reviews and suggestions in our comments section below and we would be more than happy to answer them for you.

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