Garageband Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


Garageband is undoubtedly one of the best free digital audio workstations available on apple devices. It helps users create music tracks at par with professional music.  

      Although it’s an amazing app, users might have questions about its use that go frequently answered, but not anymore. Especially if you are a beginner, you might find Garageband a bit overwhelming to use.

         We have compiled the list of the most frequently asked questions about Garageband on our page. If you have a question about Garageband that you weren’t able to find an answer to before, then you are on the right page.

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1. Who produced Garageband?

Gerhard Lengeling who joined apple 20 years ago was the main force being the production of Apple’s Garageband.

2. How much storage space does Garageband take?

The most basic version of Garageband without any extra downloaded plugins or audio tracks takes around 1.7 GB of space.

3. When was Garageband launched?

Apple’s digital audio workstation, Garageband was introduced at the Mac world conference and expo in early 2004.

4. Which devices have Garageband?

All apple devices come with pre-installed/pre-downloaded Garageband on them. As long as your apple device is compatible with the latest iOS, Garageband is going to run smoothly however sometimes what happens is that if you are using an older mac book, it might give slower results while using Garageband since it will take more time for processing.

5. Which version of Garageband am I using?

To know which version of Garageband you are using, you simply have to click on Garageband and then click on Garageband about, a little window is going to pop up that will show you which version you are currently using.

6. Is Garageband free or paid?

Garageband is one of the few digital audio workstations that’s absolutely free! Although usually it comes pre-installed with most apple devices, you can also download it on other devices by using an iOS simulator.

7. Does Garageband have a computer version to use?

Yes, there is a PC version for it. The interface though might be different from its iPhone and iPad version. When you open the Garageband website, you can download the PC version from the links provided there.

8. Is Garageband worth the hype?

Yes, Garageband is one of the most amazing digital audio workstations available right now. It has a user-friendly interface, is speedy, and comes with a massive library of preconfigured loops and tracks helping people just at the beginning of their music careers to produce professional music.

9. What’s the function of Garageband?

Garageband is apples free digital audio work station. Musicians can use it to make, record and edit amazing music. It has a massive library of loops, instruments and tracks to choose from.

10. Do updates for Garageband keep on coming?

Yes, the developers for this DAW work extremely hard to make Garageband as efficient as possible. The main goal is to keep on adding new features to Garageband without getting the interface too complicated and to achieve this the developers make sure that people who are just at the beginning of their careers find it easy to use. Not only this, the developers also take into account professional needs and keep on updating Garageband with new and improved features to help create amazingly professional music.

11. How massive should my PC be to use Garageband?

Your computer should meet the basic requirements for Garageband to be downloaded and to be run smoothly. Garageband won’t work efficiently If your system doesn’t complete these requirements.

It should at least have a 4GB of RAM
A mini min of 2GB of Disk Usage space is required
It should have an Intel i5 Processor or above

Your computer should be running on Windows 7 OS or the newer windows
Garageband is bound to run smoothly if these requirements are fulfilled on your computer.

12. What is the difference between using Garageband on Windows PC and Mac?

On mac book, Garageband comes pre-downloaded or you can download it easily from the apple store. But in the case of Windows PC, you will have to use an iOS simulator to download Garageband. The interface is usually the same the only difference is that Windows computers usually have a bigger screen.

13. Can a Garageband file be converted to Wav on Windows?

Yes, you can easily convert a Garageband file to Wav on Windows by following a few simple steps. First of all, open the iOS simulator on Windows PC. Open the iTunes app. Upload the file that needs to be converted to. Wav.  Once it’s uploaded, share it with the Garageband on PC by pressing share. It’s going to be saved as an AIFF file. To convert it into. Wav file moves it to the preferences menu and the tune will be converted to a. Wav file.

14. Can I record my voice with the built-in mic of Garageband?

Yes of course you can record your voice with the built-in mic of Garageband. For that you ll have to first locate the mic in your Mac or PC whatever device you are using. Then you need to open a new track. Then look for the drop-down menu and select monitor. Then select ON. Now you can hear whatever the built-in mom might pick up. From here you can go on with your usual process of recording.

15. How to stop Garageband from freezing?

You can stop Garageband from freezing/stuttering by optimizing it.

16. How do I increase the loudness of my already recorded songs?

You need to do this by manually changing the settings of your mac book. Open system preferences, press sound, and then click on the input tab. This is going to open the list of sound and loudness level options. You can increase the loudness from here. This way you can increase the loudness by not manually having to turn up your voice that is to say vocals.

17.  Can Garageband edit movies?

Yes, you can edit movies using garage band although Garageband doesn’t have a lot of tools for movie editing. Garageband is great for changing or adding sound tracks to the movies. Open Garageband and open a project window. Drag the movie you want to edit to the open window. Now you can easily add, remove and edit tracks for this movie.

18. Can Garageband be used to record podcasts?

Yes, Garageband can be used to record amazing podcasts. Since it’s a fully functional digital audio workstation, users can easily record their audios and edit them later for use on their podcast channels.

19. Do real professionals use Garageband?

Yes Garageband has been used by many professional musicians to create music. The list of these artists include Rihanna, Usher etc. All of them have used the Garageband free audio and loop maker at one point in their careers.

20. Is the music made by using Garageband publishable?

Yes, the music made by Garageband is very much publishable. Apple provides these track records and samples free of cost.

21. Is there a difference between logic and Garageband?

Yes, they are different software for music production. Although both are made by apple, Garageband is a free digital audio workstation where logic is a more comprehensive music production software

22. Does Garageband include any built-in instruments?

Yes! Garageband comes with a variety of instruments which are all inbuilt and include keyboards, guitars, drums, etc. All of them absolutely free to use.

23. Can we use third-party plugins in Garageband?

Yes, Garageband allows the use of third-party plug-ins to help musicians create better-sounding and professional music.

24. I have heard Garageband has some limitations. What might they be? 

There is lack of MIDI out ability. This thing actually reduces the options of using external MIDI instruments like MIDI keyboards. 

25. When did Garageband version for iPad come out? 

Garageband’s version of the iPad came out in 2011 and is very similar to the iOS version With guitar amplifications, it also acts as a recording studio.

26. When did Garageband become free?

Garageband’s app made by apple used to cost 6.99 usd when downloaded from the apple store. Garageband was made completely free in 2017 and has been free since then.

27. What are the differences between iPad/iPhone versions of Garageband and Garageband iOS versions? 

The iOs version of Garageband includes music lessons that are not present in the small device versions of Garageband. Many times signatures are also not present in the small device versions of Garageband. There is no master track and the only automation available is volume automation. 

28. Can downloading Garageband infect my computer with a virus? 

Absolutely not, Garageband is apples official music production app and is safe to download on all of your Apple devices including MacBooks, ipads, and iPhones.  There is no privacy and security risk.

29. Is there any Garageband live tutorial available? 

You can easily watch YouTube tutorials on how to use Garageband for people who are just in the beginning of their music careers. Alternatively, you can also read our article on how to use Garageband and that would be sufficient. 

30. Can kids use Garageband too?

Absolutely yes! Kids can use Garageband to create music with their friends and to learn the know-how and technicalities of music from a young age. Infact, it’s a good idea for kids to learn how to use Garageband.

31. Is Garageband confusing to use? 

For musicians just starting out with Garageband, the interface can seem a bit scary and overwhelming but with a little practice, you will dive into the world of Garageband and will love using it for your recordings and music. You will never go back after using Garageband. To better learn how to use Garageband, you can review our articles on how to use Garageband on our website for free! 

32. Does Garageband provide audio loops? 

Garageband comes with an extensive and massive library of audio loops to choose from. Editing and effects options are available on all the loops.

33. What are jam packs in Garageband? 

Apple has released some official plugins for its free digital audio workstation, Garageband called Jam Packs. Jam packs are further subdivided into various genres. 

34. Is Garageband available as an independent app? 

Yes Garageband is available as an independent app on the apple store. Before 2011, it used to only come as a part of ilife however in the beginning of 2011 apple made Garageband an independent app. 

35. Which file formats does Garageband support? 

Garageband supports many file formats which include the AIFF, WAV and MIDDI.

36. I am unable to turn on the note labels in Garageband. How can i turn them on? 

You can easily turn on the note labels in Garageband by going into your device’s settings. You can read more on this in our keyboard settings for Garageband. 

37. Is there a multi-screen setting to write chords and vocals in Garageband?

Like apple notepad, you can write chords, vocals, and other notes in the Garageband app’s inbuilt notepad. 

38. Is there a way to add depth and lightness to the soundtrack on Garageband? 

Garageband has this amazing fade-in fade-out feature in the header area of the instrument. You can add automation curves through this in Garageband. 

39. Is Garageband available on chrome books? 

Unfortunately, no, Garageband isn’t available on chrome books. Since it an app store app its only available for apple devices like MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. Though you can use other digital audio workstation apps for Chromebook. 

40. Can I use Garageband to make ringtones?

Garageband is one of the best apps to make ringtones with. 

41. Is Garageband legal? 

Yes, Garageband is an official digital audio workstation app. Since it’s free, many people think it might not be legal to use which is in fact not true. Songs recorded and created with Garageband can easily be published and sold without having to worry about any legalities. 

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