How to Use Garageband on iPhone? (Ringtone, Singing)

A Complete Guide to Making Full Use of Apple’s Digital Audio Workstation; Garageband. How to Use Garageband on iPhone? Garageband is an amazing free software that can help users make, produce, record, and edit their music. It’s available on ios, iPhones, iPad, and other apple devices. It functions as a full studio and has all the instruments needed to make perfect professional music.

Why Some Users Might Find It Hard to Use Garageband?

Since it has a massive variety of tools, sounds, and instruments library to choose from, Garageband can somehow come off as intimidating to many users especially those who just got their hands on this little monster of software.

Therefore, we wrote this article to help you guys get started with this one hell of an amazing free music software Garageband. There is no need for new users to get worried and stop using this software because they couldn’t find the right page for help. So let us get started

How to Use Garageband on iPhone Models?


  • First of all, launch GarageBand by double-clicking and opening it. In most cases, it already comes pre-downloaded on iPhone.
  • However, if it’s not been downloaded previously, just download it for free from the apple store and then launch it.

Options to Select for the First Time:

  • After u launch GarageBand for the first time it will ask u if u would like to download any instruments and sounds or vocals from the library, download them although u can download them at a later time too.


  • After u open GarageBand for the first time, a new project window is going to pop up. It already has a default setting with instruments and soundtracks and it’s a pro for new users since the configuration is already done.


Understanding Garageband’s workspace can seem to be overwhelming but with a little practice and a thorough reading of this article, it’s no biggie.

  • Musical typing keyboard:

On the left side of the keyboard, there are two arrows that allow to raise and lower the pitch according to the user’s choice.

In the center of the keyboard, there’s a button that adjusts the function of what sliding your finger on the Keyboard will do which makes things a lot easier and is also user-friendly.

  • Library

A massive library of soundtracks, vocals, and instruments comes with Garageband and can be downloaded according to users’ wish.

  • Tracklist
  • Menu bar

At the top is the menu bar.


  • First of all select genres like pop, rock, classical, etc. On the top right corner of the menu bar is the main loop button.
  • U can click on loops to see them. Whichever loop u like, just drag it to the project and this way u ll have a whole new loop. U can also add instruments like guitar, piano, etc.


  • Press the top button at the screen that says record and then play the loops in the order that u have created.
  • When finished, press the stop button. And u have created your first recorded track!


  • There are many options to edit too once u have already created your music tracks!


Shortcuts always help make life easier and the same is the case for Garageband. Instead of spending a lot of time on the actual functions, one can always use shortcuts. Below are some of the most commonly used shortcuts for Garageband to help create professional music.

  • Command + X = Cut
  • Command + C = Copy
  • Command + V = Paste
  • Command A – Select All
  • Option + Command + N = Create a new track
  • Option + Command = A Create a new audio track
  • Option + Command + S = Create a new software instrument track


  • Once you are done making the track u can also easily save it by pressing Ctrl+save or can press on save as.
  • However, to save it as an audio file you ll have to use the export option.

Using Garageband on iPhone to Make Ringtones

  • Open GarageBand on your Mac device let’s say iPhone.
  • On the home page of GarageBand, click the “+” icon.
  • Select an “Audio recorder“.
  • On the top left corner tap on the “three broken lines“.
  • Tap the “blue triangle” to stop the annoying sound in the ringtone.
  • On the top right corner tap the plus sign.
  • After selecting section A, set it on 12 bars.
  • Select the option of the songs from music. Only songs purchased from iTunes will work though.
  • Drag the song to the Garageband project screen and edit it like you would edit any other audio
  • That’s all! Your ringtone is already.

How to Use Garageband on iPhone for Singing?

  1. Launch GarageBand, and create a new project.
  2. Select an audio recorder.
  3. Select switchboard, touch lead locals, and switch to radio reddy
  4. Turn the monitor on so you can hear what you are doing.
  5. Turn the pitch control up a little bit
  6. You can play with the settings until you get something you like.

Have u ever found it difficult to use Garageband? If yes, how did u cope with it? Which ways helped you? You are welcome to share your thoughts, answers, and questions in the comments section.

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