Garageband for PC / Computer / Laptop [Easiest Solution: Solved]

Music is one of the most desired needs of the era. Life will become boring if there was no music. So, music application Garageband for PC will make you feel better. Well, I am not just talking about the beats you hear on your music player. Think about it, if you see the group of birds flying without their singing noise. Or, if there is a river flowing beside you with no sound effects, how would it feel?

I have come across many people who spent money to curate the best music collection. Such people always keep on searching for free and best music software. It is true that recommended music composition apps enable audiophiles to listen to their arranged playlist whenever and wherever they want but GarageBand lets you create music and it also keeps the music files organized and arranged in a better way. Consequently, when we talk about Windows, you simply cannot fade away the charm of using the best option to listen, play and create music. Just switch your choice and try out GarageBand.

Download Garageband for PC

What is GarageBand?

Do you dream to be on stage singing with a guitar in your hand? So do not worry, Garage Band is here to spark and polish your creativity. Someone has said it true “if you want to sing or play, there is no barrier which can stop you.” Thus, say thanks to the technological era. The tablets, smartphones, and PCs have shown a clear path and have unlocked creativity to a great extent.

GarageBand is the most popular tech music app that owns tools used by professional musicians. Even though using the app is a bit tactile but the app offers to treat the fingers and ears with electronic instruments such as drums, flute, bass, guitar and much more. It is important to have prior knowledge regarding instruments before leading any melody or sharing your content.

The amazing tool is designed specifically for all levels of composers. The Windows or even the iOS version of GarageBand offers great musical play. It can also be concluded as a play toy for novice musicians. It is best to make music and create tunes by using smart instruments. If you own some real skills, broadcasting the efforts via using the app is simple. If you have no aim, do express yourself and try it as a stress reliever.

Installation of Garageband for PC

The installation process of GarageBand on PC and Windows is not easy because the official Windows version is not released yet. You definitely need technical skills to follow the guide which will ensure that the app works perfectly fine on Windows.  Luckily there are many options to use GarageBand on Windows. We will guide both ways to run GarageBand seamlessly.

Method #1: Establish Remote Access Through Chrome

To set up a remote connection, it is important to have Google Chrome on PC and on MAC. The feature Chrome Remote Desktop will enable to connect to any computer after permission. Follow the step by step procedure.

  •    Google Chrome needs to be on MAC and PC. Install Chrome Remote Desktop as well.
  •    On MAC, open Chrome and click on a new tab. Just authorize Chrome Remote Desktop and give it all the permissions as well as rights.
  •    Click to enable sharing when asked for permission and write code of your choice to provide access.
  •    Open Chrome on PC and open Remote Desktop extension. Grant permission to access and run the app.
  •    A prompt will ask for an access code, enter the code and hit connect.

From PC, you can control the Mac system, and also use the GarageBand app. This tutorial works perfectly on any computer. However, knowledge to use the MAC system is a must.

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Method #2: Using GarageBand as Virtual Machine

The installation of GarageBand on windows is not straightforward. Users have to follow the guide to install the MAC system as a virtual machine. VirtualBox is good to try but we will use VMware workstation with preinstalled VMware image of Windows.

  •    Make sure to download the reliable VMware image which can be used easily.
  •    On the Windows computer, you will be having a working MAC system.
  •    Now search for GarageBand on the Apple store and download it. VMware workstation provides great display quality and best sound than other virtualization software. Make sure to download the upgraded VMware virtual workstation.

It is the ideal way to use GarageBand on Windows through virtual software. Though, it will not look like a real MAC system working experience will definitely be amazing.

Garage band is one of the best apps that is adored by every music lover. It offers users an open-source interface which makes it amazingly usable and reliable. GarageBand owns extensive abilities and supports keyboard shortcuts as well which depicts that it is a unique software that enables users to manage and create complex audio tunes seamlessly. It lets you fashion and records your own songs. Garageband for PC is easy to use. You can create multiple tracks.

If you are a music lover, you must have come across this GarageBand several times. It is an excellent pick for a person who wants to have great collections of songs to be organized. It lets a user import songs to various media libraries and also supports synchronization. The downloading options and components are available on the software that keeps on updating with time. GarageBand is compatible with Windows, Android phones and MAC.

The outstandingly designed software is smart due to which it is used by most of the song composers. Users will surely be impressed with its features and tools. Although it offers all of the basic features like a visualizer, smart playlist option, support for multi-formats and even device or cloud support. It also has a tool that makes copying or syncing music files easy to mobile or through mobile to Windows. The recording capabilities and the syncing option is great for listeners as well as new musicians. So, import the audio files to the music player and enjoy unlimited listening.

The app is easy to download if you are a Mac / PC / mobile user.

Not a Mac User? Want to download Garageband for PC 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 and even Vista?

Although the app is not available for Windows officially, there are few valid ways how you can get access to it. You can find a number of tutorials on the internet, but most of them will just waste your time. Here in this article, we have compiled the most tested and fruitful method. So, keep reading.

Ultimate User Experience

GarageBand is titled as the perfect app that makes music listening and creating seamlessly. Downloading GarageBand to your PC is one of the wise choices because the free music app will tackle audio happily. Now you can manage tunes of your choice easily and we are sure, you won’t be disappointed because GarageBand does a great job because it covers all the difficulties for you. It is easy to use and will make music creation mess-free. A simple click will do all the magic and automate the process.

Is your car player supports any other music format? You simply do not need to search for any converter. Stop wasting your time because GarageBand supports all sorts of audio formats and owns the capability to convert the audio files as well. GarageBand will make creating music a great pleasure. Playing music was never a real joy.

Is GarageBand the best media player?

Music is a connection between your soul and body, and GarageBand is the heart of music. Just make your choice and try out making some generative music with GarageBand. It is just everything you are looking for to compose music in different ways and with numerous instruments.  The music app is compatible with Windows and Mac and offers audio editing tools along with virtual piano, drum, bass, and guitar. The music notation app offers an attractive interface enabling you to put effort into a melody. Spark your imagination by composing music and learning new instruments.

Why do people use GarageBand?

With innovation and advancement in technology, people also need to change the way music stream. In the short span of time, GarageBand has become an ultimate reliable choice for listening to music to many people. Many music lovers say thanks to developers because the player supports abundant formats and owns great style and offers many customization features. However, you can confidently admit to your friends of having the only music playing the app on your PC or any smart device.

Soon, GarageBand will get the title of Universal player where people can build, find songs of their choice and even create music versions of their own choice. The basic feature of Garage Band is to provide users with lots of customization and tools options. The availability of large tools has brought more flexibility in creating flawless music. Fast and reliable music app player is in demand due to which GarageBand is the ultimate choice. It caters to the diverse needs of users.

Reasons to Choose GarageBand on PC

Googling the best music player will end up providing a long list of software for windows and selecting the appropriate player which will cater to your needs becomes overwhelming. So, before you make your decision and proceed to download the best music player app, we will advise you to go for GarageBand. The exceptionally designed app for music will suit best to your requirements and offers a clutter-free design. Garage Band actually stands out among all music players because of its prominent features and unique style. This concludes that GarageBand is high quality and a stable app with reliable excellent parameters to follow. It lets a user adjust and mix melodies to create any sort of music. Just do not overwhelm with a load of options.

  • Studio at fingertips  

It is not easy to handle all of the editings and recreating song work but GarageBand provides hassle-free assistance. The powerful platform provides a song creation studio at your ease of fingertips. The performances, various tacks, and songs can be edited easily and optimally. Even rhythm issues can be eliminated with a click. Now, you can create your song like a professional with compression, visual and other effects.

  • Be famous worldwide

Yes, music must be heard worldwide, in every corner of the world. so, GarageBand breaks the limit and lets you share songs with family, friends and various social platforms. It also provides an option to save the melody and use it later as a ringtone. Sharing directly to the fans through GarageBand is a great blessing.

  • Start from anywhere

The flexibility and feasibility to edit a song from anywhere you want. GarageBand lets you add tracks manually from any device. You can make remixes or can start a new song or even import it easily from anywhere.

  • Polish your skills

Polishing the singing or music creating skills is considered the most overwhelming process. It demands lots of hard work and concentration but GarageBand provides seamless assistance in capturing real-time changes with smart and intelligent software. The controls will be adjusted automatically while recording, even all sorts of music can be fine-tuned easily. So, track the progress, beat scores and polish your skills.

Features of Garageband

Before choosing music composition software, it is important to consider features. The features enable a user to create music with piano, use a guitar with chord names, guitar tablature and even percussion notation. GarageBand owns all of the intuitive music features which lets even novice musicians play or even write compositions with little technical knowledge. Before we start on how to download the app on windows, let’s first start highlighting some key features of Garageband for PC.

  •    Recording

Now plug and play audio of your choice directly from the microphone. Record or play the clear music of your choice. Don’t forget to save the recorded files on the desired destination in your PC.

  •    Instruments

With GarageBand, you don’t have to learn to play instruments to create the music because the app will help the novice players with tips and start-up tour. Adjust, tweak or change the performance of the instruments.

  •    Library

The app comes with an inbuilt music library as well. If you don’t have time come up with a new beat.

AUDIO RECORDING: are you not getting the desired sound while composing music?

GarageBand app has an inbuilt microphone that records the sound with good quality.  It enables to incorporate sound within the compositions or if you want to add a sound from another instrument such as an acoustic drum, grand piano, guitar or analog synthesizer will work best for astounding sound quality. However, if you are still not getting the desired sound quality, connect the external microphone of your own choice.

BUILT-IN INSTRUMENTS:  GarageBand is a virtual studio. It lets you compose playback music, different beats, tunes or songs. The app is easy to create music or to add audio effects. GarageBand offers multi-touch gestures to compose music by using all virtual instruments. The sounds are just like your real violin or any other musical device. This has made it a lot easier to create music.

CHORD STRIPS: GarageBand uses the best instruments and the smart instruments are capable to play full chords instantly. It also has autoplay feature which automatically activates complete performance right after chords of user choice are played. This feature is perfect for songwriters who simply do not prefer to use a keyboard.

MUSIC LIBRARY: If you have lack of time and want to produce an amazing tune, then you can choose a song from the library. The library has beats of a different genre, you can either use them as it is or manipulate them to come up with something of your own.

SYNTHESIS CONTROLS: The control in the GarageBand app lets the user edit audio files by using Note Editor. You can alter single notes from the melody, tunes or even from a song. Thus, options like compressing, volume automation, vocal transformation and much more can be utilized. There is also a synthesizer option allowing switching and modifying between sounds.

APPLE LOOPS: apple loops makes GarageBand exceptional and unique from other music composing apps. The coolest feature allows creating or composing any sort of sounds and also repeating it accordingly. It is paramount for users to learn basics especially when it comes to using the tools. Apple loops feature is perfect for novice users because they do not need to follow typical traditional rules for music composition. So, make more sounds, tunes, and melody by mixing up beats, music, and related sounds.

CREATE YOUR OWN BEAT: Making your own beat is one of the difficult tasks but a wide range of tools and app options will enable a user to compose music with your own ideas. You have to come up with everything your own self. After many trials and errors, a unique beat is created. Garageband for PC has made this easier and less time-consuming. It gives you all the beat sequencer.

SHARE: You can share the music you have created to any of the platforms like SoundCloud or any other place you supports platforms like email, YouTube, Facebook, AirDrop to share your creation right on time. So, stop thinking and share your best creation right through the app and let your friends enjoy fresh songs, music, tunes, playback songs or sound effects on the go.

EASY TO USE INTERFACE: The things that make this app unique is it’s easy to use interface.  All of the features and tools own adjustable settings which makes the interface really intuitive. The user-friendly software owns a stable appearance and helps novice users to learn using each tool really fast. You don’t have to go through any how-to guides to create your own music. The app is easy to use and easy to share your music.

ADD FILTERS AND EFFECTS: Have you ever heard of adding layers, effects or filters to music? Well, now it’s possible with GarageBand. It will enable you to layer loops, select sounds or even record instruments. Use your technical skills to edit the composition by mixing it with high-quality sound to ensure a flowing melody. Make sure all sounds work together well. Do take care of reverb or echo effect, flanger or compressor effects. Your choice of presets will make your creation worth listening to. So, you own complete freedom to play with your song by adding effects and filters of your choice. Following is the basic information that will help you to understand the effects.

  •    Flangers are a chorus tool that assists in splitting the sound and can also change its pitch. It can delay or even bends the pitch of the sound.
  •    Tremolo is a modulation that lowers or even raises amplitude but controls and options in GarageBand will enable to change tempo and emission of the sound.
  •    Chorus Effect alters the pitch and time effect and also emulated sounds from various instruments. It can split the sound signal, imposes Apple loops, and can change the pitch effect.
  •    Phaser helps in adjusting the speed, intensity and feedback level of sound.

Music studio with the ease of Windows

Why trust GarageBand?

GarageBand is under testing mode since it is developed. It is updated continuously with the newest versions for the best results. All of the features of the app are evaluated and make the software not easy. The up comings are reported accordingly and after every test. According to the reviews, many professional musicians, as well as beginners, prefer to use GarageBand because of its features. The composition app owns impressive and useful tools that are definitely practical.


As a music lover or a pro musician, it is not a practical choice to carry a complete playing or composing workstation with you. The developers of GarageBand have come up with the idea to present fluidity to compose, edit or share music on the go. It is definitely a work of efficiency and has provided musicians a precise aid that cannot be ignored. Composing music with GarageBand is fun, natural, powerful and intuitive. The result will surely be reliable and can be used later for professional jobs. GarageBand will continuously update the advancements so that the users can utilize fresh ideas and focus on every detail to compose best and effortlessly.

Anyway, if you want to know more about this application, let us know.

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